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Whisky growth and Scottish Independence

How did Scottish Whisky go from a barn on a farm industry to selling in over 200 countries around the world?  This amazing story looks set to continue with the growth of the middle classes in emerging markets such as China, Russia, India and Brazil. Even Africa is seeing a growth in whisky consumption. Whisky is actively being marketed by the large multinationals at the aspirational consumer with the message if you can afford it you have succeeded in life; you are now part of the global elite.  Although champagne still holds an important place in the market, whisky is more flexible as it is not just considered a drink for celebration.  The vast range of whisky products available also helps as the managing director in Sao Paulo can impress his friends by producing a bottle which none of his friends have heard of.  This is becoming easier now that you can buy whisky online. Incidentally Brazil’s whisky imports grew by 48% in just 1 year.

In 2011 40 bottles of whisky were shipped overseas every second, yes every second, earning the UK government treasury £134 per second.  It perhaps no surprise the UK government is now fighting hard against Scottish Independence.

Glen Orrin Whisky Giveaway

Aldi the German discount supermarket chain is to sell 3000 bottles of 30 year old scotch whisky called Glen Orrin across their Scottish stores in an effort to bring in more customers over the festive period.  This is not the first time they have done this with a similar offer last year.  The bottles will go on sale at 10am on the 9th of December and the blended whisky is expected to sell out within minutes. The discounted price of just £49.99 is around a third of what you would normally pay for a whisky aged 30 years.  We at the Scottish Whisky Store have not got to the bottom of what exactly Glen Orrin whisky is a blend of however, it is believed to contain mostly Speyside whisky.

Whisky guru Jim Murray has already given his expert opinion of the whisky and comments that “This is a clean, charming blend from the old school of whisky. The grains have made a first-class job of drawing out the most lively vanillas and, when fully warmed in the hand, the delightfully sharp marmalade is at its zenith.”

As a whisky gift this is a cracker of a Christmas present at a real value price.  With the popularity of quality whisky rising there is certain to be someone in your family who would appreciate it, and if you can’t make it to Aldi on the 9th December don’t worry we have plenty whisky gifts to buy online.

Arran Whisky

The Isle of Arran of Scotland’s west coast is often referred to as Scotland in miniature due to the mountainous beauty of the Island and changeable weather conditions. Now the Island’s only whisky distillery has joined a new innovative scheme with the Agronomy Institute at Orkney College (part of Highlands & Islands University) to create a new single malt whisky made with the oldest known barley to be cultivated in Scotland. It is believed the barley was brought to these shores by the Viking invasion however is extremely hard to grow.  Like all things that are difficult there is a reward, it is rumoured that the barley produces a finer spirit (and thus whisky) than the barley commonly used today. The ‘Bere’ barley was widely used is Scotland up until the 19th century by distillers, brewers and millers however is really only grown now on islands off Scotland’s West coast as more modern varieties of barley give a much better yield for farmers.

Isle of Arran  distillery are almost ready to release to an 8 year old single malt whisky called Orkney Bere which was matured in ex-bourbon barrels and only 5800 bottles will be available for sale. It is being marketed as the whisky ‘as it used to be’ and has already received positive reviews.  According to Arran Distillery it had not planned to release the single malt whisky at just 8 years however it had matured very quickly. You can make an advance purchase and buy whisky online at Arran Distilliers website.

It is hoped this project will interest other whisky distilleries and lead to a revival of the Bere barley.

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